Reign of Winter

Malicar's Log, 4/28/2013 (Week 9)

The party spent the first part of the day shopping, before returning to Nadya’s house. We noticed some strange happenings in the house, drawers moving on their own and such, and asked Nadya about it. She mentioned these happenings had been occurring since around the time her husband died. She was pretty certain it was not the spirit of her husband, though. Speaking with her children we found that it is a small fey creature and just helps her around the house.

As the night progressed and we prepared to go to the tavern there was a knock at the door. Upon opening the door Nadya found 6 guards in the doorway. They asked her about us, she claimed we were family from Whitethrone, covering for us a second time. They essentially accused her of aiding the resistance and demanded she accompany them to the tavern and meet with the captain for questioning. The party accompanied her to protect their “family”. Once we arrived the captain said they were taking her back to the pale tower and Renzin charged into combat. The fight was long, and fairly difficult, but we were able to dispatch the 9 guards + the captain. The barkeep and his wife had jumped in and fought, on no side for sure but mostly against the party. After defeating the guards the barkeep and his wife backed down and apologized, stating they were just trying to protect their family and livelihood.

We questioned the one guard that we took hostage and did get a few bits of useful information from him. We found the name of Nazhena’s right hand man, found there are some portals protected by key words that change daily, and that they are probably 50ish soldiers guarding the tower. The guard also mentioned a dragon, though that seems unlikely and was probably just trying to scare us off.

We disposed of the corpses by burning them in the remnants of another building in town that had been burned before our coming. We then set out in the morning, Nadya with us, for the pale tower. Along the way we encountered a strange talking bird. It mentioned magic items on us a few times, as well as interest in where we were going. We tried to go on past it and it vanished, then attempted to steal Renzin’s belt pouch. Phar hit it with some fire damage and Nimue tried to put it to sleep but it was able to get into invisibility again.



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