Reign of Winter

Malicar's Log, 4/14/2013 (Week 7)

…The battle was fierce with summoned Eagles, Tebknotten the ice troll, and a few sprites all attacking the party. Nimue was able to sleep Tebknotten and turn a very fierce opponent into an easy fight. Fighting the sprite Hommelstaub was much more challenging and took a while to kill. He managed to put Nimue down, twice, and inflicted some heavy damage to Renzin before Renzin grappled him and killed him by pulling off his arm.

Searching the near area we find a large swirling ice vortex. As we walk up to check it out an old man riding a pale horse comes through a portal in the center. He lists himself as one of Baba Yaga’s 3 black riders and he has a huge ice cycle stuck in his back. He says Queen Elvanna is trying to stop Baba Yaga from coming so she can imprison the whole world in ice. He says to power the hut you have to place the keys in the huts cauldron will power it so we can find Baba Yaga. The two keys are a Plague Doctor mask and a lock of hair from a frost giant. The keys had lost their power but he empowered them again by slicing his own throat and letting his blood flow over them.

As a reward for agreeing to take up the mantle of the black rider we were granted +2 to any one ability score of our choosing.



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