Reign of Winter

Malicar's Log, 4/7/2013 (Week 6)

Looking through Dryden’s journal he has kept a detailed log of tracking this white weasel. He mentions having set some bear traps around the area to catch it.

His journtal also mentions there is a wooden hut that stands on chicken legs with a very strange doll inside. Once he entered the hut he experienced strange happenings, as if the hut was haunted. He puts in great detail that the doll just sat there but there were things that were falling in the hut as well as voices. Nimue knew that these huts are used to guard the borders of Iresin and are very out of place here.

As we travel along the road we reach a clearing with the afore mentioned hut in it. In front of the hut we see an image of a young girl, who talks to us and apologizes. Renzin attempts to speak with her and follows her around some ice boulders. Nimue detects magic in the easter area of the clearing and Renzin checks it out. He seems images of the girl attending a parade or something similar with a regal woman there who the girl makes fun of. The noble lady takes the girl by the hand and takes her away. Malicar also approaches the image but is terrified by it and retreats. Nimue approached and saw the same image as Renzin but was not afraid.

Nimue recognized Nazhena Vasilliovna in the image and also knew she is acquaintances with Radeseo Pearil. They are both high ranking witches.

Renzin scouted around the perimeter of the clearing and on the back side, where the exit of the clearing is located, he finds words written on the ground:
“turn back now before the winter devours you”

After searching the area Renzin entered the hut and found a doll inside. There was nothing else in the area and Phar burned the hut down. As the hut burned the doll levitated out of the hut and into the woods.

As we prepare to rest for the night we get attacked by a giant weasel. The creature runs forward and hits Renzin pretty hard. Nimue manages to put it to sleep and Nimue finishes it off with a coup de grace.

We make camp (Phar first watch, then Renzin, then Malicar, and then Nimue). Phar is disturbed as all 4 of our fires get put out at once. We are attacked by a small fey (Izoze) creature and a wind spirit. Nimue manages to put the fey to sleep and Renzin coup de grace’s it, ending the creatures existance. The spirit charges in to his Phar and he puts it down with a small ball of fire.

In the morning we travel onward, the weather is terrible with us only being able to see about 5’. We travel onward and encounter an Igloo. There is no one inside and we do not find any tracks around the igloo. As we are preparing to move on we have a stone dropped amongst us that makes a loud boom, deafening Pharysosus. We prepare to engage an enemy…

…Sorry for the late post on this one, forgot all about it.



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