Reign of Winter

Malicar's Log, 9/29/2013

The party was talking with Ringeirr and relayed to him the information about the queen and what she is doing across the world. We also gave him information that we need to find the hut, though we didn’t say exactly why. Ringeirr acknowledged being part of the cult of summer’s return.

Ringeirr asks us to help him deliver some fish, something he does to help the poor people inside. We agree to help as a way to get into town. He also has a contact who can get us some fake credentials so we can interact without issue. We get into the city without issue.

A short bit after we get through the gate we get jumped by 5 goblins, which we dispatch rather quickly. After the fight we see a “Mirror Man” that is watching everything going on. He asks us, in our heads, to see our papers. We let him know we are delivering the fish and then going to get our papers.

A turn later and a few feet up the path these two giant humans come stumbling out arguing with each other. They see Norril and the fish cart and move over to take the fish. Renzin punches one of them in the balls and a fight ensues. The two wolves see the mirror man and leave.

Norril turns around another corner and a slave comes running up to him asking for help. Shortly after his master comes up, another winter wolf, and Ringeirr is able to buy the slave from the wolf for 30 gold, with some coaxing from Norril.

At this point the party split up trying to lose the mirror man. Norril and the slave went with Ringeirr, Phar slipped down into some trees, Malicar went back towards the entrance gate, and Renzin roamed all over around buildings and walls and finally into the trees near Phar.

Ringeirr arrived at his friend Mortons residence only to find him not there. He tried to break down the door without luck. The party is now being pursued by a guard detachment that looks like 3 ice troll and a winter wolf.



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