Reign of Winter

Malicar's Log, 6/23/2013 (Week 9)

The party had finally reached the pale tower, new Halfling friend in tow. Malicar, Renzin, and Nadya were able to disguise themselves as members of the pale tower guards while the little ones hid under the blankets. After getting into the tower the party finds a troll in the courtyard area having just finished eating all of the sled dogs. Seeing the dogs with the party, the troll tried to advance and eat theirs as well. A battle ensued but the party made quick work of the troll and the 3 guards from the walls.

After clearing the courtyard the party advanced through the gate into the interior of the tower. Inside they found a strange pool in the middle of the room and 4 mirrors around the room. After some inspecting they determined two of the mirrors showed the courtyard. The other two mirrors Renzin smashed believing them to be used to scry on this room. As soon as he smashed the glass a large watery creature rose from the pool and guards came pooring out of the other rooms.

The ensueing battle was vicious but the party was able to put all of the guards down with only a few mild to moderate wounds, which were healed up after the fight. On the corpse of one of the guard leaders they found a key card of words, which was determined to operate these blue teleporters in the room. What awaits the party through these portals? Do they lead deeper into the tower or into the belly of a hungry dragon? Tune in soon and find out!



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