Reign of Winter

Malicar's Log, 3/3 (Week 2)

Killed the 2 zombies in the carriage after Renzin opened the door by removing the spear. We did take a decent bit of punishment from this fight, the zombies couldn’t seem to miss. Renzin did a good job deflecting some attacks.

Searching around the area we found Lady Argentea‘s jewelry box in the other carriage, apparently hidden from the kidnappers. There was also a frozen captain that was holding a masterwork longsword. We also found a few courtier’s outfits that we might be able to sell.

The freezing cold started to get to the party and they were forced to return to town to get some cold weather equipment. While there the general merchant thanked us for checking into the craziness and gave us a ring of shielding and an arrow magnet. We all got the cold weather gear at no cost thanks to the town leadership allowing us to get the items we need from their store.

We visited the herb shop next and again were rewarded with some nice equipment, this time in the form of 8 vials of alchemists fire and a potion of protection from energy (cold). Additional Renzin offered to take an herb pouch with him in case he could collect some herbs for her.

We stayed the night in the tavern to rest up and then headed out at dawn. A short way up the path, following the footprints, we ran into a crazy dragon-snake-thing that attacked Phar. We dispatched it without much issue. Phar tried to talk to it but it seemed most interested in eating us.

In the area behind it we found a chest half buried in the snow. Renzin and Phar went up to examine it and set off a trap; a huge spiked log flew down from the trees above and smacked into both of them. The chest was empty so we decided to pick it up and underneath we found a cache of the gear from Lady A’s entourage. We took the masterwork chain shirt and masterwork dagger as well as a crossbow and some bolts and buried the rest under the snow for later retrieval.

As we finished burying the chest Phar, Renzin, and Nimue all got hit by tiny arrows in their necks. We stood around looking for the foe and eventually saw a sprite as it fired again. The next time it came out Phar blasted it with fire and it ran. Phar also burned down the tree the thing had some fetishes in just in case.

A couple of miles up the trail we encountered a talking elk that was not in the least bit afraid of us and actually did some conversing. We found it had no name and that a wizard had put a spell on him to allow him to speak and comprehend common. He had seen the kidnappers but wasn’t sure if there was a lady with them or not. He also told us he had seen lots of creatures in the area that were not native to this area, stuff from much further north. He informed us the cold appears to be emanating from the north, though he doesn’t know where. He also told us about the High Sentinel Lodge to the north where we could probably rest for the night. After a while of talking he wondered off.

As we headed further up the road to the north we came to a frozen creek/river about 25’ across. On the road in front of the water was a snowman and a sign. The sign said turn back trespassers and, to everyone’s surprise, the snowman also told us to turn back. Nimue detected magic and found it was magical and someone had cast magic mouth on it. Malicar and Renzin moved forward and the snowman exploded, stunning Malicar and damaging both of them. Right after it exploded two ice elementals came up from the frozen river/creek and attacked. Malicar and Renzin both took a bit of a beating and Phar roasted them with his fire. Nimue also kept the elementals well debuffed with his curses.

After dispatching the two elementals we found the remains of a farmer from town who appeared to have come up here on his own to see what was going on. He had a few weapons we were able to take. As we searched the body we looked up and saw 4 armed humanoids coming towards us, and as we saw them they saw us…

Things of note:
Zombies are resistant to bludgeoning and piercing damage. Also appeared to be unaffected by the witch’s curses.
Sprites are a pain in the ass. They are also very adept at hiding.
Ice Elementals appear to be very vulnerable to fire damage. Their touch is also very chilling
We need to find something to allow us to walk easier in the snow, 1/4 movement is rough



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