Reign of Winter

Malicar's Log, 3/10 (Week 3)

Picking up where we fought last week we fought 3 of Rohkar’s raiders and subdued them with relative ease. Nimue and Phar did both get smacked a bit. After we beat them we questioned them, learned they took over the lodge, they have about 25 members in their band, they are led by Rohkar, they recently brought on a female member who cooks but is also a rogue, there is a fey with them named Izoze “or something”, executed them instead of letting them die slowly.

Found a trap on the way to the lodge, crossbow tied to a string. Left it there. We left the horses in the woods as we approach the lodge.

Phar, Nimue, and Renzin snuck up to the door but we alert those inside. We dispatch two guys on the porch then pull back as they close the door. They come out again after we move back so we charge in and close up the doors as they come out the other door. We then find a girl inside who says she isn’t with them so we tie her up (Ten-Penny Tacey). We also dispatch the remaining 3 guys inside.

Pharynosus goes upstairs alone while we are down stairs and opens a door, finding two skeletons.



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