Reign of Winter

Unseasonably Cold (Week 1)

Trouble has come to the little town of Heldren. Winter has come early and tales of winter touched creatures roaming the forest are spreading. A group of wanderers, troublemakers, and do-gooders has been sent to investigate the kidnapping of a woman.
Four heroes answered the call:
Pharynosus the Pyromancer
Nimue the Winter Witch
Malicar the Cleric of Sarenrae
Renzin the Wandering Swordsman

An Excerpt Malicar’s Journal:
There was a good bit of commotion in town today, apparently a noble lady was captured. One member of her guard survived, a mercenary who came back swearing the area was beset by biting cold and small cold fey creatures. We questioned him in the tavern and noticed he was suffering from frostbite.

After speaking with the mercenary we talked to the town leadership and they agreed to pay us to check things out. They also gave us access to the town’s stock, which contained a few items we could use (including the smith and the alchemist):
10 +1 cold iron sling bullets
Masterwork Banded Mail
Scroll of Aid
Scroll of Sleep
Wand of Magic Weapon (24 charges)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Horses or ponies for each of us

We headed up the road and found the location of the encounter. There are two wagons here as well as a number of dead people and horses. There was some sounds from one of the wagons and when we opened the door a pair of zombies were residing inside.

Also of note Pharynosus almost burned down the tavern juggling balls of fire and was chastised by the tavernkeep.



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