Reign of Winter

Malicar's Log, 9/29/2013

The party was talking with Ringeirr and relayed to him the information about the queen and what she is doing across the world. We also gave him information that we need to find the hut, though we didn’t say exactly why. Ringeirr acknowledged being part of the cult of summer’s return.

Ringeirr asks us to help him deliver some fish, something he does to help the poor people inside. We agree to help as a way to get into town. He also has a contact who can get us some fake credentials so we can interact without issue. We get into the city without issue.

A short bit after we get through the gate we get jumped by 5 goblins, which we dispatch rather quickly. After the fight we see a “Mirror Man” that is watching everything going on. He asks us, in our heads, to see our papers. We let him know we are delivering the fish and then going to get our papers.

A turn later and a few feet up the path these two giant humans come stumbling out arguing with each other. They see Norril and the fish cart and move over to take the fish. Renzin punches one of them in the balls and a fight ensues. The two wolves see the mirror man and leave.

Norril turns around another corner and a slave comes running up to him asking for help. Shortly after his master comes up, another winter wolf, and Ringeirr is able to buy the slave from the wolf for 30 gold, with some coaxing from Norril.

At this point the party split up trying to lose the mirror man. Norril and the slave went with Ringeirr, Phar slipped down into some trees, Malicar went back towards the entrance gate, and Renzin roamed all over around buildings and walls and finally into the trees near Phar.

Ringeirr arrived at his friend Mortons residence only to find him not there. He tried to break down the door without luck. The party is now being pursued by a guard detachment that looks like 3 ice troll and a winter wolf.
Malicars Log, 9/22/2013

The party arrives in Elsprin and Nadya leaves her children with her grandparents.

The party decides to head on to the fish camps, an area outside White Throne, where we are to meet with her brother in law.

After a short trip outside of Elsprin we come upon a bridge crossing the river. On spikes around the city there are gleamingly polished skulls and a sign detailing entry into Esprin. As we approach the bridge we see 3 large creatures on the other side of the bridge. They are giant like but have webbed hands and feet as well as gills. The giants demand papers and we let them know we are on our way to the gate to get our papers. The Merrow come towards us and we engage them. We were able to defeat the creatures fairly easily and found a corpse with some loot.

Once we get to the small village on the outskirts of White Throne we question some people to find her brother-in-law. We find a man who tells us the brother-in-law was taken prisoner for disturbing the peace. He has not paid his taxes and that is the real reason he was improsed. We hear a disturbance along the pier and head down to see what is going on. There are 4 men beating a man on the ground demanding he pays his taxes and he argues that he has already paid his taxes. We approach and they start demanding we pay taxes. We engage and defeat the enemies. We question the last man standing and find they tax the hell out of these people to line their own pockets. We then let the fishermen deal with him.

The towns people now begin treating us as their hero’s and potential liberators. We find out from them that Mercian, the leader of this group of thugs, has two ogres serving him and as many guards as he can hire.

We stay the night at Ringer’s house (her brother-in-law). We find a log of his tracking bringing food into the city and sneaking people out. We discuss our mission into the night with Norril and bring him up to speed about the black rider and our mission to bring Babayaga back. He accepts the mantle and thus becomes bound to our mission.

The next morning we head to the guard house to free Ringer. We use a few of the locals to try and draw them out but the ogres inside just tell everyone to go home. We have them keep trying and one of the ogres tosses a spear and skewers a woman. We are able to save her. Phar then blows a hole in the wall with a fire spell. We go in and defeat the ogres and the rogue with him. Poor Norril was felled by the ogres but we were able to save him.

Malicar's Log, 9/15/2013

The party sets out from their new friends and encounters an area with no snow and as warm and bright as a sunny day. In the distance ahead is a large elk. As the party approaches to see if it may be another 12 prong a man steps out of the woods and signals to be quiet, he is hunting the creature. He fires a few arrows and damages it but it charges and gores him pretty hard. Phar and Nadya help kill the creature.

We speak with the new comer and find his name is Norril and he is a traveling bard. His family and town had been destroyed by the evil queen and he was out seeking to stop her tyranny. Renzin acknowldges we are basically after the same goal.

As they are butchering the large beast a number of Worg’s come out and attack the party. Their attacks did manage to inflict some injury but they were dispatched with little trouble.

We pack up the meat from the large creature and head out on the sleds. After traveling a while we come upon a village that has been prety badly destroyed. There is one standing structure, a temple of Desna. We approach the area and there are 4 people inside who are speaking very strangely, as if we were children. Malicar and Renzin detect magic and detect they are illusions and are actually hideous undead creatures.

The party engages the creatures and the sound of screaming children can be heard echoing through the area, hampering Norril and Phar’s activities. The battle is over quickly with the party dispatching the horrid creatures. They also determine there is a small area between the church and the fountain that triggers the children’s screams. It is determined that this is a Haunt and can be removed by consecrate.

After checking the area the party makes camp inside the old temple and Nadya notices one of her children are missing. We all head out to find the child and he is far from town, surrounded by wolves. We battle the creatures and kill two before the 3rd one runs away. We get every back into the temple and rest the night without issue.

In the morning, after everyone rests, Malicar Consecrates the area, releasing the souls that had been trapped by the haunt.

We set out again in the morning and travel almost completely to Ellsprin and happen upon a single hut in the woods, with a body laying out front. The party approaches and hears a voice from inside warn from dangerous creatures outside. As the party checks on the body an invisible creature attacks Nadya. Norril is able to reveal the creature with glitterdust and phar sees it by casting detect invisability but they are also attacked by a twig creature that shoots forth thorns and hits Norril and Phar. The party manages to drop the fey creature but the twig creature disappeared into the bramble near the house. The party looked for the creature but it was gone.

After a minute a woman comes out of the house and checks on the body, saddened to find he is passed. There are also a pair of children who come out. We find out the lady, Marrit, had fallen for a Satyr and born a son named Garren. They had been kicked out of the city of Elsprin and were living out the outskirts of town. The son had fallen in with some fey who had convinced him his family didn’t love him. Marrit’s husband (Orvald) stood up for the boy and was slain for it.

They believed there were more in the barn so the party entered the barn and found Garren and the twig man. Renzin enters the barn first and is attacked by an invisible creature, though is misses. Nadya drops the twig immediately with an arrow and phar sees the invisible creature with his detect invisabily. Once more Norril casts glitterdust and reveals another of the fey creatures. The party dispatches it quickly and finds Garren is unharmed. The boy has learned the error of his ways and realizes that fey creatures can be very deceptive.

Malicar's Log, 9/1/2013

They party faced off against the falcons and falconers. The falconers dealt out a lot of punishment with their bows while the birds distracted and clawed the party. Renzin was still blind and wasn’t able to do much in the initial part of the fight. The fight was fairly balanced with Phar knocking birds out of the sky with fire left and right. As Malicar and Nadya go forward a large white wolf comes in behind the party, attacking Phar and Renzin. After a tough fight they are able to put the wolf down but Phar goes down and Renzin is badly injured. Some healing from Malicar got Phar back up and he was able to put the wolf down.

The fight wasn’t over, however, as the Falconers were still present and continued to put lots of punishment into the party. Nadya got taken down but the party was able to finish off the rest of the enemies and everyone was healed up and able to continue onward.

The party goes a ways onward towards Esprin and encounters a hut in the forest. As the party nears the hut a beautiful woman comes out asking for help. They stop to see what she needs. She intridoces herself as Sylgja and says her husband has been taken by a troll, probably a moss troll, and would like to hire the party to go get him back. The party rests for the night and then goes onward into the forest to try and retrieve her husband.

In the morning Malicar was finally able to cure Renzin’s blindness. The party then set out to find her husband. She led us to the cave and we engaged a creature inside. It was covered in moss but much smaller than a troll, being only medium. We beat it down without much issue but after it went down to the ground the mold/moss on it crawled forward. We threw some damage into it but it still managed to climd onto Renzin. Renzin then attacked Malicar. Malicar jumped back but Nadya ran in and tried to pull the slime off of Renzin. He slashed her with his sword and she was unable to remove the mold/moss from Renzin.

Renzin attacked Nadya back and put her down onto the ground. Renzin then moved on to attacking the wife (Sylgja). He damaged her heavily but she stepped back and threw a knife that grazed the mold and sliced it off of him, falling to the ground dead.

After the battle we managed to get her husband(Finngarth) back up on his feet. After the battle we found that Sylgja was actually a fey creature created by the witches which is why her and her husband were living in the woods. They award us with a scroll of remove curse and a magical bear trap and we head on our way.

Malicar's Log, 8/18/2013

The party started off finishing the looting of the witch’s quarters. As we were emptying the chest there was a loud noise from the other room. We ran in to find the witch was back, this time with a ice dragon statue that had been animated in tow. We charged out and fought the creatures but Renzin was dropped by a powerful attack from the “dragon”. We managed to finish off the witch and the “dragon” returned to an ice statue.

We left and headed back to Waldsby to get Nadya’s kids. Along the way we ran into a man getting attacked by two wolves. We helped him finish off the wolves and found his name was Calais Vallefore and he had come to try and stop the encroaching winter as well. We teamed up with him, got her kids, and headed up to white throne.

Along the way to White Throne we were attacked by two swarms of ravens. Nadya and Calais were both blinded in the fight before Phar could disperse the swarm with a blinding flash. We treated the blinded individuals with first aid and were able to restore the sight. We traveled on a while before making camp.

During the night everything seemed to be fine until the morning, when we realized all of our food and water had been either stolen or contaminated. Malicar tried creating water but the spell failed. He tried some other spells and they did seem to work fine. The party headed on to White Throne as quickly as they could to get more supplied. Along the way they noticed they were being tailed by some type of predator birds, which they just outran. Along the path a ways they ran into a number of guards, with bows already pointed their way…

Malicar's Log, 8/4/2013

We debate on whether to continue or stop as we are pretty heavily depleted of resources. We decide to continue onward.

Renzin steps through the portal first and finds a pale woman with a shield and spear in the room. There are a lot of ravens in the room with the woman. She said she was expecting us and we fought her and a raven swarm. Malicar, Renzin, and Nadya were all blinded by the ravens. We managed to retreat down stairs and Malicar was able to cure the blindness after many skill checks. Pharynosus rested while the wounds were treated.

We went back into the portal and faced her again. Renzin and Phar were both blinded but we managed to kill the swarm. Once the swarm fell the lady, Jairess, fell to the ground crying. We questioned her and found she primarily just uses her birds to spy on people and detect threats. Renzin recalled the birds having attacked the caravans and him and Nadya both agreed she should die. She begged us to spare her but had nothing useful to offer. After the questioning we agreed to execute her and Nadya did the deed, after Renzin offered to have Jairess work back in town and Nadya said no.

We finish inspecting the area (two small rooms) but find nothing of use. Some miniature doll houses and some grain for feeding the birds. We also found a couple of book shelves, a chest, and a bed. We rested for the night and Malcar healed both Renzin and Phar.

We went up to the top level and faced Radosek Pavril, a powerful witch. Upon first entering the room Renzin gets blinded by a spell that we cannot remove. Phar manages to blow up Radosek’s goat pretty easily with malicar finishing it off. Phar actually did a lot of damage to Radosek as well before he turned tail and ran.

Malicar's Log, 7/7/2013

We entered the teleporter and faced Mierul Ardelain. Renzin tried to convince her we were working in the tower but she didn’t believe him and attacked. Two small flying creatures joined her but we put them all down easily.

We found a Spriggan gnome in the kitchen cooking that was VERY agitated by our entry. We just backed out and let him be. He did have some really good smelling cookies…

As we advanced further into the floor we ran into Hestrig Orlov, a human captain. Renzin fooled her into thinking we were with the guards and then clobbered her from behind. We were careful not to kill her and instead knocked her unconscious and bound her.

Renzin opened another door into a small room and was shocked to find Lady Argentia standing there, though she obviously did not know who he was. He told her he had been instructed to deliver some cookies to her and asked what type she would like. She accepted the ruse and told him to leave and she didn’t want any cookies. We discussed this in the hall, something very strange was going on as this couldn’t possibly be the Lady Argentia we had rescued. We entered the room again and confronted her and she dropped her disguise and assumed her true form, that of a doppleganger. The fight was brutal and Malicar was almost killed by a combination of claw attacks but the creature was put down.

We found a room that had a garden with some strange plants. As we were checking out the types of plants one of them rose up and attacked Pharynosus. It hit him once and he was confused, turning to attack Nadya with a fiery blast. She just backed off him and continued attacking the plant, which we put down shortly there-after.

Once we had cleared the rest of the area we questioned Hestrig and found she was with the tower because she shared their beliefs. She also said that Nazhena had gone to Whitethrone with half of the army. Lastly we found that there is a creature or person upstairs that she says can probably tell us how to close the portals but she is certain this creature will be the end of us. We knocked her back out and prepared to go to the next level of the tower…

Malicar's Log, 6/23/2013 (Week 9)

The party had finally reached the pale tower, new Halfling friend in tow. Malicar, Renzin, and Nadya were able to disguise themselves as members of the pale tower guards while the little ones hid under the blankets. After getting into the tower the party finds a troll in the courtyard area having just finished eating all of the sled dogs. Seeing the dogs with the party, the troll tried to advance and eat theirs as well. A battle ensued but the party made quick work of the troll and the 3 guards from the walls.

After clearing the courtyard the party advanced through the gate into the interior of the tower. Inside they found a strange pool in the middle of the room and 4 mirrors around the room. After some inspecting they determined two of the mirrors showed the courtyard. The other two mirrors Renzin smashed believing them to be used to scry on this room. As soon as he smashed the glass a large watery creature rose from the pool and guards came pooring out of the other rooms.

The ensueing battle was vicious but the party was able to put all of the guards down with only a few mild to moderate wounds, which were healed up after the fight. On the corpse of one of the guard leaders they found a key card of words, which was determined to operate these blue teleporters in the room. What awaits the party through these portals? Do they lead deeper into the tower or into the belly of a hungry dragon? Tune in soon and find out!

Malicar's Log, 4/28/2013 (Week 9)

The party spent the first part of the day shopping, before returning to Nadya’s house. We noticed some strange happenings in the house, drawers moving on their own and such, and asked Nadya about it. She mentioned these happenings had been occurring since around the time her husband died. She was pretty certain it was not the spirit of her husband, though. Speaking with her children we found that it is a small fey creature and just helps her around the house.

As the night progressed and we prepared to go to the tavern there was a knock at the door. Upon opening the door Nadya found 6 guards in the doorway. They asked her about us, she claimed we were family from Whitethrone, covering for us a second time. They essentially accused her of aiding the resistance and demanded she accompany them to the tavern and meet with the captain for questioning. The party accompanied her to protect their “family”. Once we arrived the captain said they were taking her back to the pale tower and Renzin charged into combat. The fight was long, and fairly difficult, but we were able to dispatch the 9 guards + the captain. The barkeep and his wife had jumped in and fought, on no side for sure but mostly against the party. After defeating the guards the barkeep and his wife backed down and apologized, stating they were just trying to protect their family and livelihood.

We questioned the one guard that we took hostage and did get a few bits of useful information from him. We found the name of Nazhena’s right hand man, found there are some portals protected by key words that change daily, and that they are probably 50ish soldiers guarding the tower. The guard also mentioned a dragon, though that seems unlikely and was probably just trying to scare us off.

We disposed of the corpses by burning them in the remnants of another building in town that had been burned before our coming. We then set out in the morning, Nadya with us, for the pale tower. Along the way we encountered a strange talking bird. It mentioned magic items on us a few times, as well as interest in where we were going. We tried to go on past it and it vanished, then attempted to steal Renzin’s belt pouch. Phar hit it with some fire damage and Nimue tried to put it to sleep but it was able to get into invisibility again.

Renzin's disorganized thoughts on the subject of Irrisen, 4/21/2013 (Week 8)

After resting the night, the decision was made to proceed through the portal and meet our fate on the other side – whatever that may be. It was significantly colder on the other side, despite the relative calm, compared with the howling storm pouring forth from the portal in Taldor. The trees were different, the sky was darker (with a storm rolling in) and we knew that we must be far, far from Taldor.

The low sparkle of lights caught our eye a few miles out and we wanted to head in that direction. In this type of cold, the horses would have died quickly so Malicar was selected to take them back through the portal and leave them at the lodge. Some of the goods were packed up for Renzin to carry, while the bulky bucklers and bandit armors went back with the horses. We pressed onwards towards the town.

Along the way, we met and saved Nadya Petska, who’s daughter has been kidnapped by an evil witch, from a Giant Mantis – which Nimue thought odd because these giant mantis creatures are not native to this type of climate. From Nadya, we learned that the witch Nazhena is demanding ransom in the form of food and supplies from the people – to be delivered to the Pale Tower.

We set up camp to weather the coming blizzard and Nadya fed us and chatted with us – we told her about our trip from Taldor, but omitted the part about the black rider. After a time, Mierul the forlarren visited the camp and said something about the black rider. Nadya lied to her about our origins when she asked, and was obviously mistrusting of this creature. After an awkward conversation between Nadya and Mierul, Mierul sang a song and then left.

After this, we spoke with Nadia about her kidnapped daughter, and learned that she has 2 more children back in town. Her husband died a while back during a hunting trip. We promised to save her daughter and that Nazhena would pay.

Once camp was packed up, we heard an oncoming murder of crows, sent from the Pale Tower and tried to quickly set everything back up. However, the birds spotted Nadya and descended upon the group, pecking at the white tarps to flush us out.

We fought the birds off, and eventually they dispersed – Nadya was concerned that this would reveal to the Pale Tower that the party was being harbored by the villagers. We ended up talking to Nadya a little more, quickly, and discovered that her daughter was taken during a parade – this led to us explaining the ghost/vision we saw in Taldor and about the doll resembling Nadya’s daughter and Nadya grew cold and angry vowing revenge against Nazhena Vasilliovna, but did not explain the significance of either the doll or the ghost.

We got back to town, Waldsby, and Nimue realized that the layout is almost exactly like Heldren – with some of the people actually looking very similar to folks in Heldren. Similarly, there’s an angel statue in the center of the town that closely resembled that of the one in Heldren – if not the exact same, done by the same sculptor.

We went back to Nadya’s house and met her two boys Orm and Mjoli and Kashka, the lady watching them while Nadya was away. Nadya gave us some clothes, “peasant garb”, to blend in, but the clothes themselves were actually very beautiful, with nice embroidery. After, we began to explore the town, visiting the sundries shop and the smithy, both of which have a few sorted magical items which we may decide is worth a purchase.


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